tisdag 11 september 2012

Who the fuck is Atticus Finch?

Jag har skrivit förut någon gång att Harper Lees bok To Kill a Mockingbird/Dödssynden dyker upp i många böcker. Till exempel Jellicoe Road. Senaste exemplet är Graffiti Moon och den här scenen:

"Shit," he yelled as I elbowed him in the face. "Shit, I think you broke my nose."
"You shouldn't have grabbed my arse. You don't do that on a first date. Atticus Finch would never have done that."
"You're out with me and you have a boyfriend?" he yelled.
"Then who the fuck is Atticus Finch?"
(Läs Graffiti Moon.) (Och Dödssynden.) (Och <3 Atticus Finch.)

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